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There are no complicated rules. Why do not you enjoy fun and free Minecraft?
Please join us on a multiplayer server where you can pursue the survival of Minecraft.

Latest posts

  • 2020/05/15 Network Outage
    A network attack has been confirmed since 15:40 on 2020/05/15, and connections to the game server and web server have been temporarily blocked. This problem was completely resolved at around 3:00 on 2020/05/16. You can now connect to the game server and web server as usual. More information about the outage can be found on […]
  • 2020/04/19 Network outage
    2020/04/19 At around 1:00, two servers in Tokyo, which are responsible for relaying access, have been rebooted for some reason. This caused the player to experience an error when accessing the network.nThis issue was fixed at around 12:10 on 2020/04/19, resulting in a significant improvement in network performance. This issue was also occurring on the […]
  • 「マイクラでニコ超再現プロジェクト」特設ページ開設
    4月12日~4月19日の計8日間に渡って開催される「ニコニコネット超会議2020」中にMinecraft: Java Editionを使って過去のニコニコ超会議のだいたいすべてを再現するプロジェクト「マイクラでニコ超再現プロジェクト」の特設ページを開設しました。 本プロジェクトサーバーはMCPlayが提供しております。提供に関する詳細は下記をご確認下さい。
  • 03/20 メンテナンスのお知らせ
    We will perform maintenance on the following schedule. Scheduled maintenance time 2020/03/20 0:00~18:00 ※During maintenance, access to the network will be unstable, and it will be periodically disconnected or impossible to access.※Scheduled maintenance time may change. Questions about this maintenance are accepted on the official Discord server. In addition, the latest information on maintenance is […]
  • 全プレーヤーへの補償に関する通知
    Fixed issue where in-game currency for all players was not saved. However, calculating, reviewing, and returning the losses for all users can be very time consuming and labor intensive.Therefore, we decided to make uniform compensation for all players. All players who log in by 16:00 on March 02, 2020 at the next login will receive […]

Server information

Server Address
Port 25565(Default port)
Version Minecraft:Java Edition 1.8.x – 1.15.x