You can talk with other players and server staff and get the latest information.


  1. Pay respect to the other person.
  2. Do not spam.
  3. Do not promote advertising. (Including DM)
  4. Do not share NSFW content.
  5. Do not share personal information.
  6. Do not report users here.

* Many leave it to everyone’s common sense. Please use with common sense. *

// Other rules may apply.


#welcome If you still see this, read the channel 🙂

IMPORTANT category

#rule The rules for this Discord server

#announcements Important information about MCPlay and this Discord server

#minecraft-announcements Minecraft and announcements about it

#update-log MCPlay Update log

COMMUNITY category

#general Chat, free topics

#minecraft Sync chat with Minecraft

#media Images and videos

#suggestion Suggestions to the team

#spam Annoying chats such as bot commands (mute recommended)

SUPPORT category

#support_status Current ticket status

* Individual chat rooms for tickets are also created here.

LOGS category

#punishment Discord server punishment history

#modlog Moderation history of Discord server