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by SNAKE » about 1 month ago


Hello, everyone.

That previously announced dungeon update is now available!


Dungeon Update: Sewer dungeon - MCPlayNetwork


This update includes many changes.


- Add sewer maze

Yes, dungeon has been added:)

- Rework menu design

The user menu design and system has been reworked.

- Add elite unique items

12 new unique items have been added to the game.

 Aigis Shield, Chopstick, Cocutus, Evil Sword "Night" Thrill Demon Bell Sound, Falcon blade, Iron blade, Quick Bow, Samurai Sword, Scyther of admas, Siren tears, Talaria boots, Wadatsumi

We have plans to add more!

- Add guild rank

Players can get a guild rank.

* Existing guild ranks have been reset with this update. They have been compensated to all players.

- Add elite events

Elite events are randomly triggered when certain conditions are met!

- Add Elite coin

Elite coins are the new currency! This could be used for an elite system!

- Over 100 bugfix and changes

Many issues and changes have been made in the course of this update. They are intended to improve future updates and existing issues.


* If you would like to receive the full patch notes, we recommend that you join the development server.

Gravitto Discord -


Thank you.


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