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IGN: ethernetcat
by SNAKE » 27 days ago

Hello, everyone!

Our servers have been updated with multiple updates made within a week to Minecraft 1.16.

We're happy to announce that we now have full support for Minecraft 1.16!


With 1.16 support, some changes have been made.



- Support for Minecraft 1.16

- Add the end biomes(70+ structure)

- Fixed not being able to open the menu from books

- Updated with additional enchants

- Remove legacy additional enchants

- Add new additional enchants

- Improve world system

- Regen resource nether

- Regen resource the end

- Disable the periodic removal of dropped items

- Temp delete pet

- Improve multi version connect

- Enable damage in each world center

- Fixed a issue with Void not taking damage

- Improve anticheat

- Disable "Curse of Contagion" enchant

- Add build nether

- Update warp menu

- Add build world menu

- Update some translations

- And more...