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by SNAKE » 2 months ago



The first part of the claim overhaul proposed in the Discord community a month ago and notified a week ago has been carried out.

This has caused all users to lose all the claim blocks they have. But don't worry! Your building claims have not been removed, except for a few.

The deleted complaints are as follows:

  • Claims with no change history for the block

  • The player is inactive for too long

  • Improperly Acquired Claims

  • Due to other minor issues, some claims have changed in scope.

We understand that these changes can be very costly for players.

That's why we have implemented the following for some of our existing players.

  • If you already have a claim, add the same number of claim blocks to your account.

This eliminates the player bonus claim but allows all players to be on the same starting line with no disadvantage.

We also made the following changes in conjunction with the overhaul

  • All players will be given an initial 600 block of claim blocks.

  • When playing in Survival, players can earn up to 120 additional claimed blocks per hour.

  • Players can earn up to 12,000 claim blocks through play.

  • The protection of the first chest installed by the player will be removed in 7 days.

  • Unused claims will be removed in 14 days.

  • Players cannot buy or sell claims using in-game currency.

  • As a voting reward, players will get 120 claimed blocks.

Questions and concerns about this update can be addressed in the forum discussion or in the Discord.

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